"The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera."  

~Dorothea Lange 



In these workshops, we’ll practice various mindfulness meditation techniques with and without a camera. It’ll be an opportunity to slow down and tune in to yourself and your surroundings in a new way.  

We’ll also discuss how these simple mindfulness techniques can be carried over into all aspects of your daily life and shift your perspective to one of greater balance, calm, and clarity. 

These workshops are for non-photographers and photographers alike, whether you’re new to mindfulness practices or already have experience. Camera phones welcome. 

Simply come as you are.  



from Mindfulness Photography workshops and other photography classes 

“Her assignments help you learn to see, not just to photograph… After a class with Amy, you’ll not only take better pictures, you’ll know more about yourself as a photographer.”  

~Edward Boches 


“I am so happy I chose to sign up for Amy's mindfulness photography workshop, for I left feeling renewed, inspired and with a sense of calm. While I practice mindfulness on a regular basis and enjoy taking nature photos with my iPhone several times a week, I felt uninspired when November arrived to do any photography. It was through Amy's low pressure discussions on mindfulness and guiding us through various meditations, that I noticed an immediate shift within me. I felt like I walked through a new door and entered into a whole different November. The time we were given to shoot flew by, and for me that was a good sign that I was truly engaged, present and grateful to enjoy my surroundings. When I read in her workshop description to ‘come as you are,’ she really meant it. There was no judgement and no expectations." 

~Jenny Jackson 


“The Mindfulness Photography workshop Amy led for our Camp Glow It Up Day Camp was phenomenal. Amy had the impeccable ability to lead us through guided meditations, which set the tone for our primary practice. In this fast-paced world, taking photos with such intention is almost a shock to the system, and Amy helped us create some beautiful images through her unassuming, open nature. I was originally drawn to Amy’s photography because she has a fantastic manner of capturing the present moment in an uncurated but beautiful way. The Mindfulness Photography workshop was so impactful for our participants that I will definitely ask Amy to lead another workshop in one of our future camps.”  

~ Katie Lipsmeyer 


“Participating in Amy's mindfulness workshop was a delight. So much of our lives are filled with endless action and pressure. Mindfulness is like pressing the reset button. Amy taught us to slow down and just breathe and gently clear the mind of all the noisy junk. We were learning how to be peaceful yet totally aware. The benefits of this concentrated focusing cannot be overstated. I hope to keep working on this in my daily life. Amy is a thoughtful and thorough teacher.” 

~Medora Hebert 


“Taking Amy’s mindfulness photography workshop was a mind-altering experience. She helped me connect with my inner child and learn how to observe my environment in a meaningful way.” 



“Great workshop. Peace and Serenity. I woke up a different person (today) i.e. perspective shift.” 

~Marlaina Cataldi 


“The workshop combined two lives of mine: photography and working toward becoming more present and grounded in my own life. It was a unique opportunity to spend some time being with others and exploring Eastworks with the intention of being where I was in that moment and not feeling rushed. Thank you, Amy, for this experience!” 



“I was initially intimidated to sign up for a class at MassArt (Massachusetts College of Art and Design). I’ve always loved photography, but I certainly never thought of myself as a student of the arts. Amy made it so approachable and fun that I found myself diving right in and anxiously awaiting class each week! Her own photographs are inspirational and her teaching style is warm and open.” 

~Jamie Stober 


“A wonderfully talented artist and an exceptional teacher." 

~Wilson Hunt 


Amy is available to schedule online virtual workshops during this time of social distancing. 

Details about upcoming workshop offerings will be available soon! Please contact Amy if you'd like to know more. 

Interested in bringing a mindfulness photography workshop to your organization or group? Amy would be glad to discuss options with you. 

Write: amy@amythompsonphotos.com Call: 603.686.0847 

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